English Literature 2 is the follow on course of English Literature 1. With the same structure and learning goals in mind, English Literature 2 uses motivating and engaging materials to teach English. A brilliant collection of stories are read, written by some well-known literary giants, some not so well-known, but all great pieces of writing. English Literature 2 delves into the rich short-story form and challenges students to discuss and critique each reading. 


English Literature 2 is a 10-week, 20-hour course, consisting of a 2-hour lesson per week.

In addition to the 20 hours of classroom time, 1 hour of reading homework is completed each week.

The readings are a mix of fiction and non-fiction, written by some of the best authors of the English language.

The readings have not been graded or adjusted, however, specifically designed exercises, classroom analysis and the discussion stage of each lesson help our students to get an in-depth understanding of the readings and to retain new language.

Materials provided each week include a story, a glossary, an emerging-language worksheet and an exercise about the author.

English Literature 2 goes in-depth into literary concepts such as plot, imagery, and characterisation, and the characteristics of the text types.

The cost of the 10-week course is €150, which includes all the materials for the course.


The Reader
The Reader

English Literature 2 is for students who have completed English Literature 1. Many of our students are teachers, journalists, people working within the arts, university students, retirees and lifelong English language students. Our students want a different approach to learning and practising English, students who love to read and want to be motivated to read more in English.


A lot of language students who read to increase their English level choose the wrong book or are recommended the wrong book. The short-story form, which is predominatly focused on in English Literature 2, is an excellent platform for advanced-level language students to increase their English level by reading.


Brian is a highly experienced, CELTA qualified, English language teacher. He has worked extensively around the world, teaching multiple nationalities. He studied print journalism in college and a series of his articles about Madrid has been published in the Madrid Metropolitan newspaper. He also writes the blog for this website. His inspiration for designing English literature courses for learners of English comes from his love of reading, writing, travelling and ultimately teaching language while using inspiring and brilliant materials.


The cost of the 10-week, 20-hour course is €150, which includes all the materials.

To reserve a place on English Literature 2, (you should have already completed English Literature 1) just contact Brian and he will book you in.


We have two English Literature 2 courses starting in September 2018

September 25th 19:45 to 21:45 (Tuesdays: 10 weeks: course finishes November 27th)

September 27th 17:30 to 19:30 (Thursdays: 10 weeks: course finishes November 29th)

(If you would like a morning course, send Brian an email/WhatsApp and we will try to organise a morning class)

We are based in Tt Madrid Calle Montesa, 35 escalera derecha, 2 derecha, 28006 Madrid