Courses and Services

English Literature 1

English Literature 1 is the first course designed and developed by The English Course Madrid. We designed the course with the intention of providing a comprehensive, high-quality English course for learners of the English language. Each week a short story, long-form article or personal essay is read for homework. During each lesson we discuss, analyse and focus on the language of the stories. Authors read on English Literature 1 include, George Orwell, Joan Didion, Martha Gellhorn, Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, James Baldwin and John Simpson. Levels B2/C1/C2.

English Literature 2

English Literature 2 is the follow on course of English Literature 1. With the same structure and learning goals in mind, English Literature 2 uses motivating and engaging materials to teach English. A brilliant collection of stories are read, written by some well-known literary giants, some not so well-known, but all great pieces of writing. English Literature 2 delves into the rich short-story form and challenges students to discuss and critique each reading. 

CAE Exam Preparation

Continuing with our philosophy of providing a genuine English course (and not just a course book), we are offering a 10-week, CAE Exam Preparation course.  The course consists of 30 hours of lessons and 20 hours of homework. Each lesson provides 1.5 hours of advanced language focus and 1.5 hours of exam practice and analysis. Detailed feedback of our students’ work is given throughout the course. CAE Exam Preparation has been designed around the structure of the CAE exam and the language requirements needed to reach level C1.

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