Pick of English Language Flicks, October 2018, Cine Doré

Mean Streets is one of my favourite films, but I’m not sure why! Maybe because it’s Martin Scorsese’s first feature film, maybe because of the way it looks as it was filmed using handheld camera techniques, maybe because of the fresh acting of the young Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel and Amy Robinson,

Pick of English Language Flicks, September 2018, Cine Doré

My pick of English language flicks for September is not one movie, but three. For a few days now I’ve been trying to choose my favourite from this month’s Cine Doré programme, but I can’t. There are three movies on it I really like, however, don’t love, three very different movies that seem to hold equal appeal for me, three movies that have one thing in common, kick-ass soundtracks!

Pick of English Language Flicks, July 2018, Cine Doré

I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO is written by James Baldwin. A tremendous writer and social critic, Baldwin confronted racial hatred in the USA with a voice, once read and heard, should never be forgotten.

I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO combines the words of Baldwin’s unfinished manuscript, Remember This House, with footage of his life,

Pick of English Language Flicks, June 2018, Cine Doré

Everyone knows Good Will Hunting; not necessarily a must-see cinema classic, no special effects, ear piercing bullet sounds or loud explosions to practically blow you out of your seat, but it tells a great story. Young Will Hunting, a kid who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks,

Pick of English Language Flicks, May 2018, Cine Doré

The Western is certainly not my favourite film genre, but there are some Westerns I watch again and again. The Wild Bunch is one of them. I first watched The Wild Bunch when I was 25 and I immediately understood why my parents’ generation love Westerns so much.