The English Course Madrid started as English Literature Classes Madrid in 2016. Our first courses were held in the classrooms of Utopic_Us, C/ Duque de Rivas. Now we are located in the comfortable and pleasant classrooms of Tt Madrid, C/ Montesa 35.

Our goal from the start was to provide genuine, high-quality English courses and we achieved our goal with our inaugural course, English Literature 1. Our second course, CAE Exam Preparation, has been designed with the same principles in mind, which include providing a structured, high-quality course and materials. Our name, The English Course Madrid, represents our business mission for providing structured, high-quality English courses.



Our two courses, English Literature 1 and CAE Exam Preparation, have been designed and are taught by Brian Collins.

Brian is from Waterford, Ireland. He studied print journalism in university and he is CELTA qualified. He reads literature and studies language daily, and he is widely travelled. Brian writes for the Madrid Metropolitan, if you would like to read some of his articles go to Blog by Brian Collins



Brian started teaching in Madrid in 2009 where he worked for a number of academies during the academic years 2009/10/11.

During 2011 he worked as a volunteer English teacher for the Sierra Flor Foundation in Ecuador.

For the academic year of 2012/13 he moved to the Mediterranean coast and taught for Babel Idiomas, an academy in Malaga.

In 2014 he completed a six-month teaching contract in Saudi Arabia for the British Council, Riyadh.

At the start of 2015 he completed a contract for the British Council, Doha, Qatar.

For the academic year 2015/16 he worked for Westend Idiomas, an academy in Pamplona.

In September 2016 he set up English Literature Classes Madrid which is now called The English Course Madrid.

Brian has a great deal of experience preparing students for the Cambridge exams. He has also prepared students for the Trinity oral exams, IELTS and some specialised business and company exams. He has also taught a lot of general English classes.



Why Brian designed English Literature 1

During Brian’s various teaching positions he has taught using multiple teaching methods, predominantly based around the Communicative Approach. He believes the Communicative Approach, which a lot of academies try to package as their preferred method because it seems to be what students want, is not taught and presented accurately.

He decided to design English Literature 1 as there are not many options for advanced level students to study English besides the current, overused method. Literature is practically being ignored in the EFL classroom as a tool to teach language and he feels it is an oversight. Brian believes students need to be motivated by classroom materials as much as by the teacher and using great literature as a tool to teach language achieves this.

Why Brian designed CAE Exam Preparation

After preparing numerous students for the Cambridge exams, Brian realised an in-depth study of the exam format and exercise types would greatly benefit students preparing for the Cambridge exams. He designed his second course, CAE Exam Preparation, which focuses on comprehensively preparing students for the Cambridge C1 exam.

A few photos of Brian on his travels: